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Cleartone Acoustic Guitar Strings - Phosphor Bronze
Various Gauges Available

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Cleartone Acoustic Strings featuring the finest Phosphor Bronze available for the warmest and brightest resonance on an acoustic guitar. Super-high tension winding over a hex-core is used to maintain tuning consistency throughout performance duration. EMP Treatment is then applied to all the strings (including the plain strings) to ensure longest tonal life without compromises.

What is EMP?

Everyone knows that coated strings last longer, and uncoated strings sound better. There is a Tone compromise and up until now, you had to accept it.

Thanks to Cleartone Strings, you no longer have that compromise. Cleartone Strings features a treatment called EMP –Enhanced Molecular Protection –This helps prolong tonal life without sacrificing feel or sound. At one micron thick, it is up to one thousand times thinner than any other coating in the industry. In fact, EMP treated strings last as long or longer than any other string brand on the market, but feel and sound like an uncoated set. This gives you exactly what you always wanted - killer Tone with an incredible lifespan. Let’s face it, changing strings is annoying, but throwing on a virtually dead set to begin with is much worse. Also, unlike “regular” coated strings, the EMP treatment works equally with both acoustic and electric strings. EMP bonds to the molecules in the metal so during hard strumming it doesn’t feel slippery and never flakes off.

Cleartone Strings feel and sound like a regular set, but with 3-5 times the string life.

Nothing else lasts as long and sounds as good. Cleartone is the next evolution in guitar strings.

Gauges Available:

7410 Ultra Light - 10-47
7411 Custom Light - 11-52
7412 Light - 12-53
7413 Medium - 13-56
7423 Bluegrass - 12-56

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Normal RRP: $29.90 Inc GST

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